5 Way To Earn Free Bitcoin From Online Without Investment 2020

Bitcoin, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. Everyone wants to earn free bitcoin but how? Most of the bitcoin earning methods available online are Ponzi or clear scam like- investing in cloud mining websites. There are other investment ways available to earn bitcoin from online like- trading on cryptocurrency exchange markets like Binance or others, investing in gambling or betting games websites. But there are always risks in trading or betting or into gamblings. Even if you able to take the risks, there always you need to have a high quality of professional skill on that particular trading or into betting bitcoin earning section to earn free bitcoin. So, what else? what next? There are only two safe ways available in the world which can help you to earn bitcoin without any kind of risky investment. One is mining bitcoin (needed investment on buying machine and setup and running and maintaining the system) and another is following different micro free earning niche to earn free bitcoin from online which is the main key to this post. Today in this post I am going to show you how you can earn bitcoin from online using “5 Absolutely Free Methods!”. There no investment needed to earn, no equipment needed to earn. It’s a beginner’s friendly method too. Yeah surely these 5 methods will not make you a millionaire for sure but without any doubt, these will allow you to earn some extra few bucks.

  1. Use bitcoin ads network on your website/blog to earn bitcoin for free
  2. Claim Free Bitcoin from Free Bitcoin Faucet
  3. Earn Free Bitcoin from the PTC/GPT Site.
  4. Use Free Bitcoin Earning Mobile App To Earn Free Bitcoin
  5. Refer Your Friend To Join Coinbase and Earn Free Bitcoin on Their First Transaction.

Use Bitcoin Ads Network on Your Website/Blog to Earn Bitcoin for Free

Earn Free Bitcoin With Ad Networks
Earn Free Bitcoin With Ad Networks

If you have a website or blog site, you can easily earn free bitcoin by using a-ads to your site. Best of this ad network is, they approve every site even your 1-minute old site. So, it’s beginners friendly. After pasting ads code to your site, wait 5-6 days. After the first 5-6 days you will see a good number of earning start adding to your account balance. Never change the ads code because older ads code with old impression history will help your earning growth day by day. Another best thing about this ad is, they pay you for both- impressions and clicks. That means, if you have a lot of visitors to your website, you easily will make some handsome dollar daily even without any ads getting clicked!

Check Out A-ads If You Want

Claim Free Bitcoin from Free Bitcoin Faucet

Claim Free Bitcoin From Faucet
Claim Free Bitcoin From Faucet

This is for complete beginners. If you are an absolute beginner online and now trying to earn some free bitcoin, this method is more than perfect for you. So, your first task is- go to FaucetPay.io and create your account there. Confirm your email. Link your own bitcoin wallet address with FaucetPay.io. Now visit Faucet-List from FaucetPay dashboard and claim free bitcoin from the listed website using your bitcoin wallet address which you just linked with FaucetPay. You will receive the instant payout from all listed faucet to your FaucetPay account. After you earn a good amount of Satoshi, you can now withdraw them to your main bitcoin wallet address from micro-wallet FaucetPay.

Join FaucetPay Through My Referral Link

Earn Free Bitcoin from the PTC/GPT Site

Earn Free Bitcoin From PTC/GPT Site
Earn Free Bitcoin From PTC/GPT Site

What is PTC? PTC full meaning is Paid To Click where you click and visit different ads and websites listed for some seconds like 10-60 seconds and get paid some satoshi or dollar like 10 satoshis for each website you visit or 0.0005 USD for each site you visit.

What is GPT? GPT’s full meaning is Get Paid To. In the GPT site, you usually find different micro tasks including- surveys, sign-up offers, PTC offers App Installation Offer, Watch Video Offer, and much more. By completing that micro-tasks you get paid.

All PTC and GPT sites have some minimum withdrawal amount. After you reach minimum withdraw, you can withdraw your earning from that PTC/GPT website to your Bitcoin Wallet.

Just remember that all of the PTC/GPT sites are not paying. Before joining any PTC/GPT site, make sure that you check that site review by searching on Google.

adBTC one of my favourite Bitcoin PTC Site. If you want you can join here. Click here to join.

Use Free Bitcoin Earning Mobile App To Earn Free Bitcoin

Earn Free Bitcoin Using Your Mobile Phone

There a lot of Free Bitcoin Earning mobile apps available into Google Play Store but the fact is, most of them not pay to their earner. But there some legit app who really pay their earner. Yes, earning a little slow here but who cares? It’s free. Basically what you need to do is Install the Apps, create an account to it. Login and sometimes you just play simple games and ads come, watch ads and complete games and earn points. Later you can withdraw that point by converting into bitcoin. Sometimes there also other different tasks available like short surveys, install and earn, read and earn, and many more. By doing them you able to earn free bitcoin.

One of My Favourite App is Bitcoin Blast. Click Here To Check It on Google Play Store.

Refer Your Friend To Join Coinbase and Earn Free Bitcoin on Their First Transaction

Coinbase is one of the best apps to hold your bitcoin or to buy sell bitcoin. You can also complete online payment or send bitcoin to your friends just in few clicks. You can also store your bitcoin into the vault for security. Great wallet to hold your bitcoin.

Coinbase has a referral program and that is, you can refer anyone to join Coinbase. If they join the coin base and while they going to make their first $100 transaction with anyone, you will receive $10 as commissions, and also your referral will earn $10 as a bonus! Great right?

Ending the History

From my part of the view, these are the best way to earn free bitcoin in 2020 as a complete beginner. Even you are an expert but looking for free bitcoin (experts do not need free staff, his skill is enough but sometimes it happens because it’s free money boy!) earning method, I think this is yet the best way to earn free bitcoin in 2020. Let me know what do you, people, thinking into the comment section :).

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