Best Free Bitcoin Earning Sites 2020

Best Bitcoin Earning Sites 2020
Best Bitcoin Earning Sites 2020

Bitcoin a digital currency or cryptocurrency which based on mighty blockchain technology. There’s tons of freeway available online which can help you to earn some free bitcoin. Yes there’s a lot of way available which can help you to earn free bitcoin but these free earning will not make you a millionaire. It will just help you earn some extra bucks for your pocket money, internet bill, and sometimes hangout money too.

Free Bitcoin Earning opportunity has some benefits to. It’s risk-free, you never losing money, no skill needed to earn free bitcoin.

There are a few different ways to earn free bitcoin from online 2020. I already have a blog post about it where I explain 5 way to earn free bitcoin in 2020.

Today in this post I am going to share my personal favorite list of free bitcoin earning site 2020. From these sites, you will able to earn free bitcoin by viewing ads, visiting short-links, and referring your friends. Most of these sites need to reach minimum withdraw in order to withdraw you’re earning from them and most of them pay you via Micro Wallet Faucet Pay and also some of them have options that, you can withdraw bitcoin directly to your own Bitcoin address.

All of these sites are paying right now. I will update these posts every week so that if any site stops paying, I will let you know. But for now all of these free bitcoin earning sites paying honestly. Last Updated- 26 May 2020

Best Free Bitcoin Earning Sites 2020

I got payment personally from these 10 site. So you can check them if you want to earn.

These 3 Sites have the lowest minimum withdraw. How much you earn, you can withdraw them. All of these 3 sites now instant paying to faucet pay.

These 5 New Free Bitcoin Earning Site Growing Fast. Give these a try if you want to earn more.

  • GetSato – 1000 Satoshi Minimum Withdraw. Payment instant to faucet pay account.
  • BitEarns– 200 Satoshi Minimum Withdraw To FaucetPay. Good Site
  • SimpleBits– Minimum Withdraw is 10000 Satoshi Plus.
  • CashFat– Minimum Withdraw is 3500 Satoshi. FaucetPay Payout
  • BitsSurf– Minimum Withdraw is 3000 Satoshi. Payment to FaucetPay

How To Earn Free Bitcoin From All of These Sites?

All of these website earning method is similar. In some of these sites you just need to surf ads daily. That’s it and on the other, you can earn money by surfing ads, visiting short links, claiming from the faucets, completing offerwall offer and yeah from all of these sites, you can earn by referring your friends for sure.

Surf Ads Earn Free Bitcoin

Surf ads means you need to visit a listed website for a fixed time (60s, 45s, 30s. 20s. 15s, 10s, 5s – s for second). Two different surf ads basically a free bitcoin earning site offer you. One is- Only surf ads meaning you just need make sure that site is open to your browser for that fixed time. You don’t need to stay into that page. Another is Surf ads in active window where you need to stay into that page for that fixed time.

Earn Bitcoin By Visiting Short-links

Free Bitcoin earning site offer you to visit external short linking website where you need to solve captcha and wait some fixed second to get back the site.

Earn Free Bitcoin By Claiming From Faucet

You can claim a small amount of satoshi by claiming from the faucet on a decent period.

Complete Offer Earn Free Bitcoin

Complete different types of offers like- signing up to different websites, installing mobile app, complete surveys, etc. All of these will make you few more free bitcoin satoshis.

Ending The Summery

All of these websites will make a few bucks or few bitcoin satoshis every single day. They do really not help you to earn too much but surely a good way to earn free bitcoin for your pocket money. Just remember- do not invest in any site online. Just use all free methods to earn free bitcoin. Maybe your earning will low but there no risk too. That’s it for today. If you love this post, leave me a comment that will inspire me a lot to write something similar in the future. Have a good day.

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