Earn $150 Dollar Bitcoin Monthly for Free Without Any Investment

My 20 Days Series of Earning Free Bitcoin will show you the exact method to earn more or less or equal $150 dollars monthly for free without any investment even you don’t need to waste your money on any MLM or revenue-share or any cloud mining sites. This is the exact path that I followed the last 3 and a half years to earn free bitcoin from online. In this series, I am going to share step by step some really cool free bitcoin earning websites, ads networks, URL shortener, and micro tips that easily will help you to earn free Bitcoin from online.

How To Earn $150 Dollar Bitcoin Monthly for Free?

If you want to follow me during this whole series, please create a bitcoin wallet. You can create a bitcoin wallet using Coinbase or blockchain wallet. You also need to create a micropayment wallet on the FaucetPay- micropayment system as we are going to use them to withdrawal our earning sometimes.

Today the very first day of our twenty days series. Today I am talking about Faucet-Crypto. Faucet Crypto is a free bitcoin earning website where you able to earn free bitcoin in few different ways. Like you can-

FaucetCrypto Earn Free Bitcoin
  1. Surf the internet and earn free bitcoin
  2. Visit Short Links to earn free bitcoin
  3. Claim from their faucets
  4. Complete different offers to earn free bitcoin
  5. Complete daily target to earn free bitcoin
  6. Refer your friends to earn free bitcoin.

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These are all microtasks. Check this video to know how to earn by completing all of these tasks.

Earn 150 USD Bitcoin Monthly Free Day 1

After you earn daily from this website, any amount you earn, you easily able to withdrawal you’re earning to your FaucetPay micropayment wallet and payment going to be instant. No minimum withdrawal to FaucetPay.

So, my friends, this is the very first method that you can use to earn 150 USD free bitcoin monthly. This is just the beginning. More awesome technique coming soon. Please share this post to support us. Thank you.

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