MyLead Review – Best Bitcoin Affiliate Market?

MyLead is one of the leading affiliate markets in the internet world right now. It’s growing and growing every single day. Before start writing about MyLead, I do deep research about it and almost check every possible information available on the internet about it. Though I myself use them a lot to grow my passive income before writing about it, I want to make sure myself that, it’s also similarly liked by other users and it’s true. Believe me, it’s the only one affiliate market about which I do not find even one single negative comment. Isn’t that cool? Okay, let’s hit back to the main story. How you exactly can earn money from MyLead? What is it benefit? Why I love it? Any Hidden Reason? Okay, so many questions to answer. Let’s do it!

This Copy Paste Work Will Make You Around $150 USD Every Single Day or More!

Copy and Paste To Earn
Copy and Paste To Earn

Yes, this Is what you need to do in affiliate marketing. You sign up to the affiliate network. You browse through the different running campaigns, find your favorite one, copy the promotion link or banner code, and then only one thing you need to do that is, sharing that link anywhere you want. You will get paid for every sale, every signup, every lead, or even sometimes on every unique click on the links. That’s exactly what you need to do to earn money using MyLead. To working on MyLead, no pre-requirement is needed. As a beginner, it’s very helpful because in most of the affiliate networks, there some pre-requirement like- having website Is a must and so on but not in MyLead. There’s no pre-requirement. Anyone can join to MyLead to earn money. To work in MyLead, you need to understand some terms or short word- CPL, CPS, CPA, PPI, COD.

  • CPL- Cost Per Lead
  • CPS- Cost Per Sale
  • CPA- Cost Per Action
  • PPI- Pay Per Install
  • COD- Cash on Delivery
MyLead Review
MyLead Review

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Cost Per Lead

Here in MyLead, you find some campaign which going to pay you based on CPL. So, what is CPL? CPL full meaning is Cost Per Lead meaning you get paid for every lead you bring to the company. So, what type of lead? Think that you doing affiliate marketing of an E-book sale and campaign tell you that, you will get paid for every lead you bring to us. In that case, the lead will be like- people visit your link and they find interest in the E-book but they don’t want to buy it right now. But they want to get an update about the E-book. So, what they do? They just put their email and Subscribe for email notification. So, this is one of the processes of giving them lead. So, normally in CPL campaign, the campaign holder ask the audience to signup to their website or sometimes completing a short survey and sometimes email action which I describe just before and you will get paid for each lead you bring to them. In MyLead, some CPL programs even offer you a very high amount like $15-$17 per lead!

Cost Per Sale

Logically it’s very simple to understand. You need to sell the product. Product may be a physical or maybe virtual product. You get paid commission for every sale you bring to them. Simple as that. In MyLead I saw some campaign even pay you $50-$100+ USD for per sale!

Cost Per Action

This action is like paid action. It’s nearly similar to CPS or Cost Per Sale. Here camp holder asks you to bring some visitors who going to buy the product or any online product subscription using their credit card or even sometimes it’s like they ask the user to install one game and reach the certain level and you will get paid for each user that complete the tasks. Simple. In MyLead, I found some really cool game campaigns that offer these CPA actions.

Pay Per Install

 A unique campaign-style is available in MyLead. In MyLead, you get some offers who pays you for each install/download you bring them to their apps. It’s something like, you join the campaign and copy the app download link then share it with your friends and tell “hey can you please try the app? It’s really cool!” and you get paid for each of your friends install it.

Cash on Delivery

People like to order cash on delivery products from an internet shopping mall. So for why, MyLead brings some campaigns where the camp holder paid you for each Cash on Delivery order. Isn’t that Cool?

More About MyLead

  • In MyLead, you find some campaign which for some specific country traffic required and some campaign also allowed any global traffic.
  • The Minimum Payout from MyLead is only $20 USD
  • They have the Highest paying Campaign
  • Highest Rating Customer Service
  • Pay you via Different Payment method including Mighty Bitcoin and PayPal, Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer, Revolut, WebMoney
  • Have Crypto Campaign
  • Detailed Stats for your affiliate links and so on.

Ending the Story

In my view, it’s one of the best affiliate networks for everyone. So, if you wish to earn some few bucks for free, why are you not joining? Although it’s completely up to you. That’s all for today. I will see you on the next blog!

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